You have a temporay problem

You have a temporay problem You have a structural problem

A temporary problem

The first time you receive a letter from us, we will assume that your problem is of a temporary nature. This letter will state that your bank has asked us to find a lasting solution for your arrears with your mortgage. 


You have received a letter from us. You too are behind with your payments. This happens to an increasing number of people. What now?

Pick up the phone

You might find it hard to talk about your financial problems. Nevertheless, it’s very important that you do. Call us. Just do it! We’re here to help you.

Payment plan

Together, we will go over your expenses and income by phone. In many cases, that’s all it will take to come to an agreement about payment. 

We’re here for you.
Together we will solve the problem.

Contact us
A customer’s perspective

That letter shocked me quite a bit actually
A Hypocasso employee

We’re here to help you